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If you are interested in tutorial videos, Zenfolio has a YouTube channel with over 400 videos, including how to get started, how to create your website, how to add watermarks, how to create your website home page, how to add the ecommerce payment feature and how to upload photos.

They also provide videos with practical advice for photographers, including how to set your pricing as a new photographer, tips for getting started as a wedding photographer and advice on cameras and what gear you will need as a photographer.

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Zenfolio is a complete solution for online photography with web templates, website builder, web design, website hosting and photo galleries. You also get an ecommerce payment shop to sell your own framed prints and photo image products online.






Let's take a look at some of the most popular topics for help and support requests on Zenfolio tutorial videos:

  • Zenfolio Bulk Download Pictures

  • Zenfolio Bulk Upload Pictures

  • Zenfolio Email Hosting

  • Zenfolio How To Add Watermark To Photos

  • Zenfolio How To Remove Watermark On Photos

  • Zenfolio Image Quality

  • Zenfolio Image Size

  • Zenfolio Keywords

  • Zenfolio Lightroom Plugin

  • Zenfolio Maximum File Size

  • Zenfolio Mobile Site

  • Zenfolio Quick Shop

  • Zenfolio Search & Picture Search

  • Zenfolio SEO Photography Website

  • Zenfolio Theme Designer

  • Zenfolio Wordpress Plugin



YouTube Zenfolio Tutorial Video Examples

Now let's take you through some of the most popular videos on the Zenfolio YouTube Channel:


Tutorial Video - How to Add Watermarks to Your Photos at Zenfolio

Learn how to add watermarks to your photography help protect your photographic images at Zenfolio. You can apply a default watermark or upload your own custom watermark to suit your photography business branding:



Zenfolio Tutorial Video - Create a New Gallery & Upload Your Photos

Learn how to create a new gallery and upload your photos into your website at Zenfolio:



How to Create and Customize your Website Home Page at Zenfolio

We guide you through how to design your Zenfolio home page and customize the design style to suit your photography business branding:



Zenfolio Tutorial Video - How to Create Promo Coupon Codes

Let's guide you through the process of creating a coupon code that will encourage your clients to place more orders: