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Learn how to Create Photo Galleries at Zenfolio

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Simply choose the gallery style that is right for you and your photography image portfolio:

  • Pro & Advanced

  • Portfolio & PortfolioPlus

Learn how to create modern gallery layouts to share your stylish photos and impress your clients.






Pro & Advanced Zen Folio Website Examples

Arrange your gallery images:

  • Cover and centered.
  • Centered.
  • Using Left Side Thumbnails.
  • Using Right Side Thumbnails.


Portfolio & PortfolioPlus Zen Folio Website Examples

Present your gallery images:

  • Cover + Masonry Portrait + White.
  • Title Only + Masonry Portrait + Gray.
  • Cover + Masonry Landscape + Cream.
  • Title Only + Masonry Landscape + White.
  • Cover + Grid + Gray.
  • Title Only + Grid + Black.
  • Cover + Stacked + Black.
  • Title Only + Stacked + Cream.
  • Or Custom, according to your design preference.


Ecommerce Solutions

You can also make money and sell your photography online through Zenfolio as framed prints using e-commerce payment buttons on your own custom store.


Getting the Right Look with your Gallery Style

  • Select photo or just a title to be featured at the top of the gallery page.

  • Now select a font style that best compliments your brand and photography.

  • Choose between a light or dark color background theme that best suits your photos.

  • Select the layout that best suits your photos — portrait small, portrait large, landscape small, landscape large, grid small, grid large, stacked.

  • Mix and match to find the right style for your photography images.



Zenfolio Professional Photo Gallery Websites SAVE 40%

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